Behind Closed Doors 2012

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September 14-16, 2012




In the United States legal system, the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution can be referred to in court as "pleading the fifth", absolving the defendant from self-incrimination. "Give me five" is a common phrase used preceding a High five. Pentameter is verse with five repeating feet per line; iambic pentameter was the most popular form in Shakespeare. Quintessence, meaning 'fifth element', refers to the elusive fifth element that completes the basic four elements (water, fire, air, and earth). The Garden of Cyrus 1658 by Sir Thomas Browne is a Pythagorean Discourse based upon the number 5. Five is the holy number of Discordianism, as dictated by the Law of Fives. The number of Justices on the Supreme Court of the United States necessary to render a majority decision is five. There are five permanent members with veto power on the United Nations Security Council. A pentagram has five points. The Keating Five were five United States Senators accused of corruption in 1989. No. 5 is the name of the iconic fragrance created by Coco Chanel. The Committee of Five was delegated to draft the United States Declaration of Independence. The five-second rule is a commonly used rule of thumb for dropped food. Last but not least, this year Behind Closed Doors will be celebrating its fifth anniversary!

The hamsa (Arabic: خمسة‎ khamsah, also romanized khamsa, meaning lit. "five") is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and commonly used in jewellery and wall hangings. Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history, the hamsa provides superstitious defense against the evil eye.

Its exact origins are unknown. A universal sign of protection, the image of the open right hand is seen in Mesopotamian artifacts in the amulets of the Qāt Ištar and the Qāt Inana and in the Buddha's gesture (mudrā) of teaching and protection. Since voyeurism is one of the many things that happen Behind Closed Doors, you can bet there is an eye behind the keyhole in this year's motif.

Much of the above, in fact most of the above, was "borrowed" liberally from Wikipedia.




Endnote Speaker: Master Skip Chasey



Master Skip - Keynote Speaker


Skip Chasey, a/k/a Master Skip, heads a family of spiritually grounded leatherfolk in the City of Angels, where he is a practicing spiritual director and certified Grief Recovery ™ counselor and also earns a living as a missionary among the savages of Hollywood. As an out and proud leatherman, Master Skip addressed a crowd of nearly one million people at the Millennium March on Washington, and since then he has given ten keynote addresses and presented over 200 programs on the spiritual dynamics of SM and D/s relationships at noteworthy leather events throughout the US and Canada.

From 2001-2007 Master Skip was a core instructor for the Butchmanns Experience, a periodic weekend retreat that offers opportunities for profound personal growth to leathermen and women of all sexual orientations and identities. He is a co-founder of People of Leather Among You (“PLAY”), a social and educational group for Southern California men and women interested in the integration of spirituality and leather/fetish sexuality, and for six years he was a co-producer of Southwest Leather Conference, “The Leather Family Gathering of Heart and Spirit.” Master Skip presently serves on the Theologies Team for Metropolitan Community Churches and on the board of directors for Butchmanns, Inc., a non-profit educational organization dedicated to self-actualization through the mindful use of physical practices and the conscious exchange of personal power for spiritual awareness.

Master Skip and his pup Tim are the subjects of the award-winning documentary film “Pup” and have been profiled in “” magazine and “Power Exchange” magazine; he and his slave Rick are two of the subjects of “Ask the Man Who Owns him”, a book about gay male Master/slave relationships that received the NLA’s 2010 non-fiction literary award. He is a past recipient of the Lee Montague Memorial Award for Outstanding Community Service from Avatar Club Los Angeles, was named “Best Trainer” at the 2002 International Puppy Contest, received the 2005 Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Award and was honored with the Master Heart Award at the 2008 Master/slave Conference.

In his own words, “Blood may be thicker than water, but leather is thicker than blood.”

Keynote Speaker
Presenting: Finishing Touches: What To Do When Your M/s Relationship Is Not Enough with slave Rick

Master Arach


Master Arach has been in the lifestyle for close to twenty years. He has been mentored in single tail whips by his friends Robert Dante, Bullwhip, and Master Bell and has designed and been a part of the Threshold Single Tail Workshop since its inception. He was befriended and Mentored in style and relationships for many years by Daddy Grey. He has been trained and continues to seek training in single tail, rope work, violet wand, wrap, fire play, knife play and cupping, as well as having attained a degree in psychology. He has taught single tail, flogging, spanking and biting and the use of music in the broader SoCal area for over a decade. He ran his college radio station for 3 years and is active in the Los Angeles Live Theatrical community, receiving several theatrical awards for sound design.

Master Arach is a member of Threshold for most of its existence and is a member of LABiD, Lair De Sade, Fetish Noir and the new Sanctuary LAX. He attended his first Butchman's experience in 2010. He has presented at SWLC, DomCon, Adult Com, Exxxotica LA, The Everything to do with Sex Show, Threshold, The Lair, TGIF and been interviewed on the Venus de Mila show. He continues to seek spiritual growth and is an opinionated SOB and has strong feelings about safety and relationships within the BDSM lifestyle blogged and pontificated at TheEroticist.Com.

Presenting: The Spanking Variations

Master Archer


Master Archer is a Phoenix, AZ-based lifestyle mentor, educator and volunteer. As an educator and organizer, he is passionate, inspired and motivating. For the last four years he has been an active member of Phoenix's local BDSM Dungeon, Arizona Power Exchange (APEX).

Master Archer enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with those willing and eager to learn. He developed and led both the "Make-and-Take Workshops" and the "Skillz Workshops" at APEX, and has presented on numerous topics in the Southwestern United States and Canada.

He is a Charter Member of the Fellowship of the Magic Kingdom, serves the Arizona Power Exchange and members on its Board of Directors and as Vice President, and is a staff member for Butchmanns Experience.

At home, he is currently working on his own shop projects which include new fucking machines, miscellaneous dungeon furniture creations, and restraints using steel, wood, and leather. Also, he is working to develop an M/s website and blog.

As an avid photographer, Master Archer brings his passion and inspiration to his photography. He began to explore film photography in 1981 and moved to digital format in 2006. His years of experience in M/s and BDSM afford him unique insight which helps to give his photography rare authenticity. His favorite types of photos are those that are edgy, sensual, and feed the sexual imagination.

You can find some of his BDSM thoughts at and examples of his photography work at and You can find him on FetLife under the screen name Master_Archer.

Presenting: The Gentleman Dominant

Master Jerome Bambrick


Master Jerome Bambrick has been an active member of the
SM/Leather/Fetish community since 1994. During that time he has been
an officer of the Society of Janus, Threshold, as well as the House of
Differences. Since 1999 he has served the National Coalition for Sexual
Freedom as both a director and presenter in the Educational Outreach
Program. In addition, Master Jerome is also the Co-Founder of
smOdyssey, creator and five times Executive Director of FolsomFringe
as well as the founder of the Dungeon Monitors Association.

For twelve years Master Jerome has worked with Law Enforcement to
educate on the difference between “SM and Abuse”. A nationally sought
instructor Master Jerome has been proud to share his life experiences
on Master/slave relationships, SM and the Law, as well as his oldest
love…whips. He has presented for such notable groups as: Society of
Janus, Threshold, NOBLE, TES, Black Rose, The Leather Leadership, The
Gallery Domain Two, Kinky Kollege, KinkFest, Texas Leather Pride,
Southeast Leather Fest, SinsationsinLeather, Southwest Leather
Conference, smOdyssey, FolsomFringe, as well as many more.

Presenting: The Alleged Domestic Violence Call

Big Red


Big Red is an equal opportunity sadistic Femme Daddy, who is a performance and Spoken Word Artist celebrated for her ability to “wear many different shoes”. In one pair of those shoes she is dedicated to facilitating personal and communal connection and healing, and in another equally empowering and self-embracing pair of red stilettos she works on various ways to encourage, support, and evoke opportunities to accept and create verbiage, experiences, and culture that is raw, creative, authentic, sensual, deeply intense, just, and intent on empowering, healing, and transforming self, relationships, and communities.

Presenting: Biting and Other Animalistic Energy Exchanges and Play

WhipMaster Bob Clark


WhipMaster Bob Clark has been involved in M/s relationships and the leather community for nearly 30 years, enjoying partnerships and play relationships with men and women, and enjoying every opportunity to meet new people. Heavily experienced in SM, and edge play in particular, he was gifted with his name through his prowess with singletails. He believes that honor and integrity are paramount in his relationships and dealings with everyone. His tastes in SM are as broad and varied as the lifestyle itself ranging from being a new player's "first time" to an advanced player's roller coaster ride operator. Although, pushing the envelope is a passion, and Bob believes the essence of edge play is pure, unadulterated and brutal truth. So, from a spiritual side, you could call him a seeker of truth. His philosophy and desire, is to make a positive difference within the community, believing that "paying it forward" does honor, to those that came before and taught him.

In the midst of all this serious truthseeking and pain dispensing, he manages to keep a great sense of humor and has had opportunity to travel the US teaching, having adventures, meeting people and teaching at events such as TESFest, Folsom Fringe, Tribal Fire, Southwest Leather and more.

Presenting: Puttin' the Boots to Them
Presenting: Dynamic Singletails with BootPig



BootPig has been blissfully in service to WhipMaster Bob for a decade now, and fortunate to have been in service to others prior. The label "pig" most suits her range of fun from formal service to outlandish bottoming to topping and a willingness to try new stuff. Open and forward, sarcastic and silly, and willing to share, she teaches for the opportunity to learn from those she interacts with.

Past experiences include teaching at Dark Odyssey Fusion, Tribal Fire in Oklahoma, SWLC, SouthPlains, Lupercalia and more. She's a former Ms. Olympus Leather and a past President of the Phoenix boys of Leather. She was most fortunate to be honored with a Pantheon of Leather award for the Rocky Mountain Region in 2009. Currently, she's traveling with him, focusing on urban farming and sustainability, and failing to practice her beloved belly dance as much as she would like. Looking forward to BCD as the first return event since moving out of Arizona, can't wait to see everyone! Oink!

Presenting: Dynamic Singletails with WhipMaster Bob Clark

Lady D


Lady D, also known as, Reverend Deborah Harrison, is a Lifestyle Domme and the owner of D&S Lifestyle Enterprises Inc. She is also a certified master hypnotherapist and truly believes in holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. As a sex consultant, she counsels and helps those in complimentary lifestyles accept who they truly are. For almost fourteen years she ran (People Exchanging Power), P.E.P Atlanta a BDSM pansexual support group in Atlanta Georgia. This organization provided weekly discussions, demonstrations, support and a play space to help educate those interested in power play relationships in a safe environment. In 2001, she created PEP4POC (People Exchanging Power for People of Color) an inclusionary group created to enlighten, empower and dispel myths and misconceptions concerning BDSM and People of Color. She also helped to organize and is the present President of Onyx Pearls Southeast, a women’s organization focused on female camaraderie, community awareness and service. Onyx Pearls is also the sister organization to The Southeast Men of Onyx.

Her vision has evolved since she entered this Leather lifestyle journey almost twenty years ago. In the beginning her dream was to create an atmosphere of comfort regardless of gender or sexual orientation and to provide education to the community especially those who were new to it. P.E.P. began as a totally heterosexual group with no tolerance for others and through the years it evolved to include all and developed a community consciousness. P.E.P. was always about sharing her home to create a family atmosphere, mingle, learn and enjoy one another. Now her goals have changed and without the constant responsibilities of P.E.P. Atlanta, she feels that she can give more to the community and individuals in it. Her path now is to continue to educate and enlighten without the constant distractions that P.E.P. afforded her. In September of 2008 at the P.E.P. five year reunion, her Mistress and mentor, the Duchess publicly declared her as Her protégé and as an additional honor, awarded her, the cap of her mentor Frank Puckett. She still wants to help bring healing to those in our community who are doing detrimental and destructive things and help them achieve dignity, acceptance and live up to their full potential. She is now free to educate and share her knowledge and help mentor those who have a true hunger and thirst for this lifestyle. She would like to continue to serve this community in whatever capacity we need her, as an educator, counselor, therapist, etc. She has received credentials and has been ordained as a Reverend so that she may also perform duties in the ministry such as weddings, baptisms, commitment ceremonies, etc.

Her personal commitment is to help make this community stronger and better and to continue Jill Carter’s philosophy of Each One, Teach One. She is eternally grateful to those who have helped her on her journey and now she would like the opportunity to 'pass it forward.'

Presenting: Role-playing and BDSM

Sir Dart


Sir Dart comes to us from Toronto, Canada. His interest in leather and BDSM play can be traced as far back as his early childhood years, citing a huge fascination with what was being done to Robin on the Batman television series…and to the furry cowboys on Gunsmoke. When other boys were caught with porn magazines under their beds…Dart was caught with a roll of duct tape. Since then he has developed an immense passion for rope bondage, not to mention the men he likes to tie up with it.

Dart began his leather journey as a collared boy and gradually developed into the dominant he is today. He believes in the importance of “balance” when exploring one’s dominant and submissive side in play, and that great benefit can come from experiencing both elements. Sir Dart’s kinky interests in addition to rope bondage/kinbaku include puppy play and training, chest and gut punching, and most recently, fire play. He sees himself as "proudly New Guard" and believes the most honorable trait a leatherman can possess is good manners.

Among the cities Dart has presented in are Phoenix, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Dublin, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires. He also hosts his own leather podcast program on ITunes, called Dart’s Domain. He shares his life with his boy/partner Bart and is also the collared boy to WhipMaster Bob.

Presenting: Bondage Bullfighting

Master Dennis


Master Dennis has been a member of APEX (Arizona Power EXchange) since 1997, a member of MAsT Arizona, and the Arizona Men of Leather. The first fully professed Father for the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence “Father Craven Morehead” He was the Dungeon Master and trainer for APEX from 1998-2002. A board member from 1999-2000 (during 2000 was the last Co-President for APEX). Master Dennis is logistics for the APEX Academy - Butchmanns Experience, the founder of 'Dom Roundtable' at APEX in 1998-2009. He is also the founder/facilitator for the Advanced Roundtable, founder/Head Master for the APEX Prep (a monthly intensive 8-hour workshop on skill sets.)

Master Dennis was a columnist on The O-Zine, Crystal Bridge, Dom-Sub Lifestyle and a contributing writer to Leather and Roses using the pseudo name of Dragon~Lord, and Lee Harrington’s Anthology “Spirit of Desire”. He is a national speaker/presenter of lifestyle topics from the basics to the extremes; at APEX, TNG Phoenix, SHIBARI Las Vegas, and Desert Dominion in Tucson, Rio Grande Leather, NM, GLLA Indianapolis, Club X, in San Diego, Leather Spirit, Lair and Threshold in L.A., presented at the 2005 and 2006 AZ Fetish Ball Phoenix, and Tucson Fetish Ball in 2004 and SDL in San Diego. He is a requested guest lecturer helping to demystify the BDSM lifestyle at various colleges for their Sociology and Psychology classes over the past 10 years. Master Dennis has been the Head judge for the M/S contest at SWLC 2009 and a judge for GLLA M/S contest, the Mr. Padlock and the Mr. Phoenix Leather contest. He is the proud Master to his slave/wife Mistress Bonnie and Slave Amanda.

Presenting: Ritualized Body Markings

Master D'Marie


Master D’Marie is the owner of slaveDaddy Johnnie and the head of
Sanctuary of Light, an M/s household in Phoenix, AZ. Though she looks
like a butch lesbian, Master D’Marie is actually an androgynous,
pansexual sadist and Master who figured out she was kinky 15 years ago
(though she admits to a penchant for putting her playmates in cages
starting when she was 4 years old). She has served in leadership
positions in various BDSM groups in Kansas, New Mexico, and Arizona.
She co-founded Kink In NE Kansas, Kansas Dommes, MAsT-Rio Grande,
Santa Fe Munch Group, Arizona Female Tops, and the Female Masters
national discussion group. She instigated and coordinated the
Southwest Leather Art Exhibition as part of Southwest Leather
Conference and has been both a volunteer and team lead at SWLC and LLC
IX. She served on the Council of Crones of the Arizona Amazons, led
the Dom Roundtable at Arizona Power Exchange, and has been an active
member of Alternative Hedonist Society, APEX and MAsT-Phoenix. She
has presented workshops and facilitated panel discussions for over ten

Presenting: Dealing with Mental Dis-Order Successfully in Our Relationships with slaveDaddy Johnnie



Eibon spent several years living in Europe before returning to the United States and learning directly from “Mystery” of VH1’s “The Pickup Artist” fame. A chance encounter with a young woman online in late 2005 piqued his curiosity about BDSM. In 2006 he officially entered the scene, then by late 2007 he had purchased his first electrical gear and was off and running, giving demonstrations not too long after.

Known for bearing a sadistic grin and frequently accused of “evil” he is a member of the Society of Janus, is a Founder of the Boise BDSM Society, and started the “Idaho BDSM” group on FetLife. His presentations range from the serious to the absurd, often reflecting the energy of the audience.

One attendee said of him: “You have an intensity that keeps me glued to my seat and forgetting to breathe.”

Presenting: Autoscopy

slaveDaddy Johnnie


slaveDaddy Johnnie has been owned and collared by Master D’Marie for a
decade and is Chief of Staff of Sanctuary of Light, an M/s household
in Phoenix, AZ. He is a genderfluid, poly switch leather Daddy/boy
who began experimenting with kinky sex and M/s over 30 years ago. He
has served in leadership positions in a number of leather/BDSM groups
in Arizona and New Mexico. He co-founded MAsT-Rio Grande and the Rio
Grande Boys of Leather. He has volunteered and been a team lead at
Southwest Leather Conference and LLC IX and served as Secretary of the
Phoenix Boys of Leather and a volunteer and Judge’s Slave at the
Arizona Leather Sir/Leather Boy Contest. He has been an active member
of Arizona Power Exchange, Phoenix Boys of Leather, Arizona Amazons,
MAsT-Phoenix, and the Santa Fe Munch Group. After 20 years as a GDI,
he has presented workshops, facilitated panel discussions and served
as a demo bottom at clubs and events in Arizona and New Mexico over
the past 8 years.

Presenting: Dealing with Mental Dis-Order Successfully in Our Relationships with Master D'Marie

slave Kathleen


slave Kathleen has been involved in the BDSM/Leather community for 14 years and is a former Ms. Southern California Leather Woman. She identifies as a slave, a pup, a little, a Top and a sadist. She is active in her own community of Los Angeles as a founding member of MAsT-GLA and a co-facilitator of the D/s Poly Support Group.

slave Kathleen has had the honor of presenting at the Citadel, Folsom Fringe, Lair de Sade, P.L.A.Y., Threshold, TSR, San Diego Women's Pride Weekend and SoCalPex. With a B.A. in Sociology, she has been asked to be a guest lecturer for colleges discussing Polyamory and BDSM. She has created and conducted workshops on energy and M/s relationships. slave Kathleen is a shaman, a Christian, and a Reiki Master.

slave Kathleen is gratefully in service to Mister Kel as His devoted collared slave.

Presenting: Laughter in the Dungeon

Master Konraad and slave Jazz
Southwest Master 2006


Master Konraad has judged and presented at a multitude of kink events throughout the United States (and Canada). He is a Board member for ILSb and ICBB, the founder of The Shack, Southern Nevada’s first community playspace, the Executive Producer for Sin in the City, a new leather event in the Southwest United States, former Executive Director of MAsT International, a member of several local leather, lifestyle and kink related organizations and has been actively involved in media contact (including numerous appearances on local and national broadcast and print news) and other “real world” sexual freedom and sex industry issues. He also teaches martial arts and law-related classes to community and law enforcement organizations, produces and competes in martial arts contests and seminars, and is involved in medieval recreation.

slave Jazz, with former lives in the theatre world, the tech industry and as a massage therapist—now lives with her Master and works as a paralegal in a law office, specializing in cases involving the adult industry and sexual freedom. Her scene-related writing has been published in Power Exchange Magazine and Kink-e-Zine, as well as on several websites. Jazz is the current producer of the Southwest Olympus Leather Contest, the founder of Las Vegas Leather Women (LVLW), the Education Coordinator for The Shack, Southern Nevada’s first community playspace, and a member of many lifestyle related organizations in Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past 13 years, Jazz has served on the production staff of several large kink events throughout the United States and has taught both privately and publicly (at national leather events) on subjects including relationship dynamics, humiliation play, household organization for slaves, entertaining, massage for kinksters, and maintaining headspace as well as a host of skills and techniques. She maintains a blog at:

Presenting: Debility, Disorientation and Dread:
Interrogation “Play” for the Brave

The Ladies From Hades


The Ladies from Hades are a group of experienced FemDom Women who specialize in extreme cbt (cock & ball torture). The group formed in 2009. They have done presentations and demonstrations at APEX in Phoenix, DD in Tucson and even a presentation in Albuquerque. Their goal is to have fun while doing seminars and teaching others.

The Ladies from Hades includes Miss Fran (our founder), Lady JoL, Lady Skye, Lady Sophia, Miss Wednesday, Mistress Mae, Mistress Prudence, Mommy V and Ms B. They each have from 8 years to 30 years of scene experience in general and cbt torment in particular.

You can learn more about them via their group on FetLife.

Presenting: Extreme CBT

Leonora Ma'am


Leonora Ma’am identifies as a Lifestyle Dominant Edge Player celebrating life to the max.

She adores sharing Her very intense, twisted SM love with people who identify themselves as men, women and transgendered. 
No one is safe.

Leonora Ma’am is a member of the Lair de Sade and RAWW, 2010 TSR Network People’s Choice Award “Woman of the Year”, 2010 Southland Honors Nominee, and has presented at the Lair de Sade, the Venus Society, RAWW, numerous BDSM Human Sexuality College Panels, Theories at the Loft, Long Beach Leather Pride, Los Angeles Leather X'Posed, the Desire Leatherwomen’s Conference, Threshold Academy , Arizona Power Exchange,Folsom Fringe 2010 and the 2010 Southwest Leather Conference as both Emcee and Presenter.

Upcoming presentations include the Arizona Power Exchange, Southwest Leather Conference 2011, JD Stockroom University and Beyond Leather 2011 as both Emcee and Presenter.

She is often seen wielding her tools of pleasure alongside lifestyle and performance BDSM artists alike at various private and public venues such as Sanctuary,Dallas, The Bondage Ball and Club Monte Cristo.

Presenting: Wax Play: Agony and Ecstasy

Andrew Love
Mr. Olympus Leather 2008


Andrew Love was born and raised in conservative Salt Lake City, and never quite fit the mold his conservative Mormon family had envisioned for him. While he did become an Eagle Scout at the age of 16, Andrew ended up re-purposing those leather working and knot tying skills for more erotic purposes.

Finding his entrance into the leather community in the somewhat secretive Salt Lake City Leather community, Andrew immersed himself and quickly took on roles managing community websites, mailing lists, and helping schedule educational classes. He is a graduate of the Journeyman 3 Academy in Salt Lake City, UT- an 18 Month series of intensives surrounding leather and spirituality.

In Early 2007 he was asked to take over and run “The Path”, a 101 intensive series of classes focused on BDSM & Leather. He ran The Path until mid-2008 when he took a leading role with Leather Quest (reorganized name of the Journeyman 3 Academy). Leather Quest is a formal training Academy in Utah which focuses on teaching skills needed to be a successful and productive member of the community. His dedication to the education of the community is just another way Andrew stays actively involved in the Leather community and his Leather family and upholds his beliefs in giving back to the community.

From 2005 to 2008 Mr. Love ran a small business called “SinCrafters” making and selling floggers at events with his business partner Nick. Andrew and Nick vended in Utah and events in the West, including Thunder in the Mountains. Their skills and products raised the bar for quality and craftsmanship- two commonalities that have run the thread of Andrew's life.

In May of 2008, Andrew entered the West Coast Leather Competition in LA and won the title of Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather. He then went on to win the international title Mr. Olympus Leather 2008 in July of the same year.

In April of 2010, inspired by a drive to give back to the community he loves, Andrew founded the Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather Competition in Salt Lake City. Mr. Love founded RMOL based on the belief that the leather community is a diverse group and his desire to see that diversity represented. He continues to show his dedication to the community by producing the event every year and it is his hope that RMOL will be a welcoming place for all who wish to participate.

In August of 2011 Andrew received the Pantheon of Leather’s Presidents Award citing his community service and commitment to his Leather Traditions.

Andrew has taught educational classes on a variety of topics in a number of cities including Salt Lake, LA, Denver and Atlanta. His teaching style is interactive and fun, reflective of his easy manner and ever present sense of humor. His topics include: Punishment & Discipline, Play Piercing, BDSM Play Dynamics, Medical play, Blood Play, Building a Better Flogger, and many more.

Andrew can be found at a variety of leather events across the West. He regularly attends men’s events such as the Las Vegas Smokeout and the Utah Rebellion and pansexual events like DomCon & Thunder in the Mountains. His areas of interest are wide but include, blood play, play piercing, flogging, uniforms, mummification, cigars, single tails, and interrogation.

Presenting: They Call Him "Dr. Love"



Michael is a largely monogamous dominant and something of a private player who has been in and around the scene for nearly twenty years. He owned and ran Dragon'sKeep, one of the few N. California public play spaces outside of the San Francisco bay area. Over a decade ago, he formed Sacramento's oldest and largest BDSM groups. He was the co-founder of Sacramento's MAsT group. Combining his passion for woodworking and BDSM, he creates and sells beautiful implements of pain and pleasure. He has supported a wide variety of leather title holders, community events, and groups with donations of time, money, and his art. As a presenter, he prefers to teach classes focused on improving relationships and has taught widely at the local level and at the national level.

Presenting: Talking Isn't Communicating

slave Rick


slave Rick expanded his practice as a licensed psychotherapist within the BDSM community in 2009 ( after retiring from a 30-year career with the Federal government.  In addition to assisting his clients in achieving more satisfying lives, he seeks to raise consciousness within the therapeutic community by depathologizing BDSM in order that “vanilla” psychotherapists might more effectively work with their own kinky clients. 

Aside from his work as a psychotherapist, slave Rick is a part-time college instructor, a massage therapist and a retired Science of Mind practitioner.  During the past decade he has presented programs on the spiritual dynamics of M/s and D/s relationships at dozens of conferences and leather events throughout North America.  In 2010 he gave the endnote address at Southwest Leather Conference, and he delivered the keynote address at Leather Reign in 2011.

In 2008 slave Rick was honored to receive both the Southwest Leather Conference “Leatherman’s Heart Award” and the “slave Heart Award” at the Master/slave Conference.  More recently, he was proud to participate as one of the subjects of “Ask the Man Who Owns him”, a book on gay male M/s relationships by david stein that received the 2010 Geoff Mains Non-Fiction Literary Award from the National Leather Association.  In 2011 slave Rick self-published “The Guppy and the Willow”, an adult fable in the guise of a children’s story that encourages each of us to remove the many masks that keep us from being real.

First and foremost, however, he is by Grace in service to his beloved Master.

Presenting: Finishing Touches: What To Do When Your M/s Relationship Is Not Enough with Master Skip Chasey

Rule of Three


RuleOfThree (aka Paul Rulof) is an educator and the author of Ageplay: From Diapers to Diplomas. He has degrees in psychology and sociology that he perverts for use in the alternative sexuality community. RuleOfThree teaches classes and throws parties that allow people the opportunity to explore and accept aspects of their sexuality. He has presented at many venues throughout the U.S., including Domcon (LA) & Kinky Karnival.  Find out more at 

Presenting: From Diapers to Diplomas: An Overview of Ageplay

Stefanos and Shay


Stefanos and Shay, Purveyors of Perversion, are known for teaching classes that are entertaining (they've been called "better than a Vegas act") and also packed with useful and applicable information. Their classes always include a detailed handout. Together they host events and teach classes several times a month in SF Bay Area and beyond. Shay is an ER nurse by day, while Stefanos is all kink all the time in his professional life as the Steward of The Upper Floor on and as DM and manager of Bondage-a-Go-Go. They are compulsive volunteers within the leather community, and identify as pansexual polyamorist playsluts (and probably a few other P's they haven't thought of yet). They have performed, presented, and hosted events at many venues around the country, including the SF Citadel, Dark Odyssey, Mission Control, Northwest Leather Celebration,, the Exotic Erotic Ball, Behind Closed Doors in Arizona, and in a number of documentaries across the world. You can read more about them on their web site,

Presenting: Venipunctures and Bloody D/s

Karen Yew
Ms. San Diego Leather 2004


Karen Yew has been involved with the leather community since 1996 and was Ms. San Diego Leather 2004. A partial list of events and organizations she has volunteered for are as follows: the Free Speech Coalition, IMsL, San Diego Leather Pride and Folsom Street Fair. She is a member of Club X, an associate member of the Boiys in Leather Service Rose City and the Bootblack Brigade. Some of the events Karen Yew has presented at are: Sash Bash in Portland, Lair De Sade, Behind Closed Doors, Threshold, Club X, LLC, and The Hard Edge. She is affectionately known as Mama's Community Outreach and enjoys serving Mr Britton.

Presenting: Duct Tape Hood and Mitts



There are a total of 21 workshops, 
3 running concurrently in 7 time slots,
4 time slots on Saturday and 3 time slots on Sunday.

The Alleged Domestic Violence Call
Master Jerome Bambrick

It is important for SM/leather/fetish persons to have an understanding of the relationship between the SM community and law enforcement and of the numerous legal issues that can effect us — specifically the law enforcement response to an alleged domestic violence call. Once this is accomplished, we can constructively interact with law enforcement if the need arises. This presentation will focus on two aspects of this relationship — constructively dealing with officers and avoiding legal trouble. This workshop does not go in depth about the "cycle of abuse" or "real/actual" domestic violence, rather it is about consensual SM being misinterpreted as domestic violence by law enforcement. The discussion is designed to include the following sub-topics:

• Our attitudes towards law enforcement
• The attitudes of law enforcement toward the SM community and SM activities
• Reasons for law enforcement to take action against SM activities
• Effective interaction with law enforcement
• Society's domestic violence concern
• The alleged domestic call
• Things SM persons should do
• Things SM persons could do

The law is a complex and ever-evolving system and has a long way to go before it takes all alternative lifestyles into consideration. In the meantime, we need to be as familiar with the law and of law enforcement as we can be. Utilizing our knowledge, people skills, and common sense, we can hopefully avoid becoming victimized by the society we live in.


"Autoscopy" is associated with looking back at one's own body from a vantage point or position outside of the physical body. Cases of it have been attributed to everything from delirium and psychosis to astral projection.   Autoscopy is also associated with seeing one's double or duplicate of one's own body.

Using video glasses and cameras we can simulate autoscopic experiences within BDSM scenes, adding another dimension to play.   Everything from candle wax to terror play becomes more intense while the bottom is "outside their body" witnessing it.

In 2011 "Watch Yourself: BDSM with Video Glasses" was featured in SECRET Magazine #36. The article may be viewed here:

One Dominant who stopped by to use the video glasses had this to say: "Seeing the equipment in person made me realize just how mind fucking an experience this could be. This is an amazing insight on your part Eibon, into a completely new realm of exploration."

Biting and Other Animalistic Energy Exchanges and Play
Big Red

Come sink your teeth into the juicy, sensational, and tasty morsels of Biting and Other Animalistic Energy Exchanges and Play. Biting is as much a Sadist’s delight, as a sweet gift of succulent service. It is an energy exchange and manipulation that can be deeply sensual, physical, sadistic, playful, erotic, spiritual, emotional, and mental.

Via experiential learning we’ll discover how things such as biting, scratching, clawing, licking, and sucking can be beneficial tools of control and intimacy in the BDSM relationship, setting a scene, full body explorations, techniques, and safety.

Blood Pendants and Bloody D/s
Stefanos and Shay

The sight or smell of blood can elicit fear or arousal (or both), and is both transferable and integral to an individual. This session will focus on obtaining and using blood in D/s relationships, and will conclude with an opportunity for participants to make a blood pendant.

First Shay (an ER nurse) will give a brief presentation on safer techniques for obtaining blood using butterfly needle sets. Then Stefanos will discuss and demo the blood rituals he practices in his relationships. Finally, we will assist class participants in making blood pendants. We will help you to perform a venipuncture on yourself, your partner(s), or draw the blood for you, and involve you in the process of making this unique piece of jewelry. Note that while we will assist as many people as we can, and everyone will have a chance to observe the process and participate in the discussion, we will only be able to guarantee blood pendants to the first 15 people/couples who claim spots.

Bondage Bullfighting
Sir Dart substitued by mindi

Bondage is more than simply memorizing a bunch of pretty knots. It's an exchange of power and energy...a kind of "dance" between dominant and submissive, that takes both parties on a journey to a common goal and "catharsis". It is not unlike what a matador does with a bull during a bullfight. In this class we take a step back and re-examine the actual power exchange with the rope, and how we can create an amazingly erotic bondage experience, even with only knowing one type of knot. This class is hands-on so please bring rope if you have it, and be prepared to do a little moving.

Dealing with Mental Dis-Order Successfully in Our Relationships
Master D'Marie and slaveDaddy Johnnie

Although it is rarely discussed, the reality is that people in our
community live with a variety of what are commonly called “mental
illnesses.” Regardless of role in a relationship, household, or
family, individuals may suffer from temporary or ongoing dis-orders
such as Adult ADD, OCD, depression, PTSD, DID/MPD, anxiety, and other
conditions. All of these affect our ability to negotiate and maintain
the structured relationships we crave. We will share our personal
stories on how we make our M/s relationship work while dealing with
our individual dis-orders. We will also offer guidelines and advice
that can be adapted to other situations. Note: We are not mental
health professionals. This workshop is about sharing our experiences,
not diagnosing or counseling audience members.

In order to provide a safe space for the audience to participate in
this discussion, we ask that no one be permitted to enter after the
first 15 minutes of the workshop.

Debility, Disorientation and Dread:
Interrogation “Play” for the Brave
Master Konraad and slave Jazz

Interrogation scenes are nothing new to us. In fact, long before we were ever tying anyone up (or being tied), most of us had seen more than a few delicious torture/interrogation scenes in a movie, right? In this workshop, Master Konraad and his slave Jazz will take you a few steps beyond the interrogation fantasy norm. Rather than offering another interrogation play workshop focused on physical torture and role play, they will instruct in some of the basic techniques of intelligence interrogation and cross-examination (as adapted by the military and law enforcement communities) to help you gain perspective on how such interaction can strengthen a relationship, deepen surrender, or just make for a REALLY twisted scene.

With a methodology developed from CIA training manuals on the subject, modern mediation and negotiation theory, cross-examination techniques, courtroom litigation, and from the Reid Technique for police interview and interrogation proceedings, this workshop will cover the ins and outs of making your partner’s mind your playground…and making them enjoy it.

Duct Tape Hood and Mitts
Karen Yew

So, we have all seen the great Leather toys and looked into our wallets and took a heavy sigh... Guess what!!! We can still have fun without the expensive toys. Please come if you have an interest in learning how to put someone into a hood and mitts (and take them out) or want to be put into a hood or mitts. This workshop will cover the general safety and how to for duct tape hoods and mitts. No need to bring any thing we will have the supplies for this workshop.

Dynamic Singletails
WhipMaster Bob Clark and BootPig

Come and join us for a whip class with a different spin. This class is about building your whip dynamic with a bottom. How to escalate styles of play with whips. How to begin moving with whips, playing in different planes - vertical - horizontal - yoga positions? This is about learning to share in the experience, and the bottom contributes just as much as the top does to this sense of fun and wildness. A sensuous entanglement of top, bottom and whip with a very fluid style. This is the style that brought us together, keeps us together, and hypnotizes us to this day. A very sexy, interactive style that lends itself well to chaotic scenes with multiple bodies. This class includes technique for tops and bottoms. Come out for some group exercises that strengthen the skills of both top and bottom.

Beginning whip users are welcome in this class, we only ask that you practice at your own speed. Advanced users are certainly welcome to come and share some of the more unique ways that you're playing with whips.

Extreme CBT
The Ladies from Hades

The Ladies from Hades will be doing a workshop on extreme cbt (cock & ball torture). They will do several demonstrations, including:

Scrotal Saline Infusion – an infusion needle is inserted into the scrotum sack and
a 1500cc bag of saline is infused to fill it up like a balloon with the balls floating inside;
Extreme Heavy Weights – a parachute is attached around the balls and heavy weights are hung from it, not for the faint of heart;
Flaming Butterfly Board – the cock and balls are pulled through a hole in a styrofoam board, stretchedand pinned around with needles, adding needles with candles;
Rosebud Sounds – done while butterflied, sounds are lubricated and inserted into the penis down the urethra tube, gradually increasing the size of the sounds;
Humbler/Ball Crusher – a specially made device where a combination of both the humbler and ball crusher are used, leaving the balls stretched and squished to the max;
Hand Job from Hell – rubbing a combination of hot sauce and sand on the penis causing abrasions and intense heat, very hot;
Penis Needles – approximately 50 needles are pierced through the penis, lots of blood;
Violet Wand – an electrical device used in this demo to shock the cock and balls, done while needles are in the penis for that extra spark;
Stapled Infibulation – using medical skin staples, tucking the penis down, pulling the scrotum sack over it and stapling the skin in place; cock and balls all gone. weg;
Helicopter – Our grand finale where string is tightly wrapped from the base of the penis upwards, the string is pulled and “weeeeee”.

These demos are extreme and not for the squeamish. You may see blood. There will be nudity.

Finishing Touches:
What To Do When Your M/s Relationship Is Not Enough
Master Skip Chasey and slave Rick

When it comes to relationships, each of us has specific physical,
emotional and spiritual needs. It’s widely understood that someone in
a more conventional relationship will likely be incapable of meeting
the totality of their partner’s needs, and one can only guess as to
how much more that applies to those who engage in esoteric
relationships rooted in consensual dominance and submission. What do
you do if your Master/slave relationship doesn’t satisfy all of your
needs? How can adjustments and accommodations be made without
damaging the relationship or threatening the individuals who comprise
it? Who initiates the changes, and who does the adjusting and
accommodating? In what promises to be a highly charged discussion,
Master Skip and slave Rick will candidly share examples from their own
13-year relationship as they examine this sensitive subject. Come
discover how acknowledging what’s missing in your life need not pose a
threat to your M/s relationship, and why restructuring the
relationship so that your needs or the needs of your Master or slave
can be fully or better met has the potential to strengthen the D/s
dynamic between you.

From Diapers to Diplomas: An Overview of Ageplay
Rule of Three

Ageplay is either age related role-playing or an individual emphasizing child-like personality traits.  This class is perfect for if you are curious about ageplay or are just starting to explore your desires.  We’ll talk about what ageplay is and isn't, baby, little and adult roles, and provide hints on how to get into headspace. This class is interactive, so please bring questions and an open mind.  Classes are a safe and non-judgmental place to open up explore your interest or experience with ageplay.  Bring your questions, comments and experiences, as this class is interactive.

The Gentleman Dominant: Adapting Old School Etiquette to your Power Transfer Dynamic
Master Archer

Being a strong dominant partner in a power transfer dynamic doesn't mean that you can't be a gentleman. In fact, the use of your grandparents' etiquette can be used to enhance and strengthen your relationship in ways that celebrate your partner. This presentation reviews the historical value and importance of etiquette, and how it can be applied to your dynamic in positive and powerful ways.

Laughter in the Dungeon: The Joys of BDSM
slave Kathleen

Many are attracted to BDSM because of its perceived darkness. Dungeons and whips and slaves OH MY! We’ve all enjoyed exploring the things that go bump in the night and anticipation and fear are HOT. Moans, whimpers, screams and tears are things of both a sadist’s and masochist’s dreams. But what happens when your slave starts to giggle uncontrollably while being single tailed? Or as a slave you’ve discovered your next “serious” scene with your Master involves puppets and fairytales? What will Y/you both discover on the other side of the journey when you have ventured into the dark abyss of play? Hopefully, …Joy. Spend some time with slave kathleen as she talks about how laughter and joy can be part of your S/m journey without sacrificing any of the sadistic fun. Speaking frankly about her own life and journey, slave kathleen will share how experiencing S/m in some of the most absurd ways transformed her life. slave kathleen will share her own philosophies about how the silly, the sadistic and the sacred can break through walls, create a deeper bond between Dominant and submissive and transcend ordinary play into life altering healing.

The discussion will also include the following:

· How to handle laughter and giggles during the scene otherwise known as
     “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you”.

· The difference between SAMs and someone with a wicked sense of humor.

· What types of props, toys, music will help your own silly sadistic scene.

· Breaking through the other side – discovering the light in the darkness.

Puttin' the Boots to Them
WhipMaster Bob Clark

Kicking, trampling and using your boots in a scene can be wonderfully intense, on the verge of hot and violent or as intimate, quiet and connected as you'd like it to be. Start a scene in close quarters, run an entire scene with no toybag, body surf a willing bottom or kick back and feel a tongue through the leather. Layer it with toys and generate sensory overload. Don't stop at play, but use it to create devotional mindsets, have conversations about expectations, give feedback or rip into a round of degradation. We realize sometimes other footwear is preferred, but boots will be the focus of this session. You're invited to lace 'em up, pull 'em on, and join in for some interactive fun.

Ritualized Body Markings
Master Dennis

Drum thumps mingle with the hypnotic flicker of flames, as chanting dancers surround the one to be branded.

Humming from the mechanical bird as the artist places the sharp beak to skin and the ink transfers a depiction important to the wearer.

Sacred ash is rubbed into the freshly blooded slashes as the rite of passage is performed; the razor sharp blade is honed again for the next set of memorable scars in the making.

The ‘Snap ‘’Pop’ as the electricity flows along the dental tool revealing a Jaguar in the tall grass that was hidden within the skin seen only by the skin engraver and the one who bears the skin.

Ritualized markings of the body come in many forms and mean many things; from tribal roots to memorials to lost friends and lovers. Brands, tattoos, scarification, cuttings and piercings to name a few, to alter the human body permanently or even temporarily is not something that one should take or enter into lightly. This prep will explore the whys and the how of body modifications and some ways one can make the experience even more meaningful through rituals. Master Dennis will discuss and demo some of the ways that may enhance your own rite of passage into this realm.

Role-playing and BDSM
Lady D

Many of us that enjoy BDSM first had a realization of that enjoyment through role-playing. We may not have been role-playing ourselves but as we watched a show or cartoon or read a particular book, we transposed ourselves into the character that fit our orientation. The submissive always identified with the victim, perhaps that damsel in distress and the Dominant usually played the part of the villain or perhaps the heroine, that authority figure who was in control. In any case we played the parts if only in our minds and thus we enjoyed those experiences.

As adolescents we enjoyed role-playing and cowboys/cowgirls and Indians, doctor/nurse and patient, etc. became fun because we could tie up or be tied, examine or be examined and for hours we fulfilled our roles through fantasy. As adults, we find that taking on different roles for even a few hours relieves us from the stress and responsibility of every day life.

Years ago Dungeons and Dragons became the craze because it gave you the ability to transform into someone else and live out fantasies and create alternate realities. Role-playing is especially great for a newcomer who may be too intimidated to serve a Mistress but can be controlled by a nanny or be given orders by a police officer.

This workshop will teach you how to make the most out of your role-playing scenes and what to do if one goes wrong. You will learn the things that you should be aware of and things to look out for. This workshop will take your role-playing to a whole new level.

The Spanking Variations
Master Arach

The gentle attraction to a red bottom has been with us for the entirety of human history. Punishment, display, erotic enhancement, use of the hand and tools, all things are open to discussion in this spanking good time. There might even be a debate as to whether we need to keep to the ass. Really? Open to volunteer bottoms.

Talking Isn't Communicating
Michael substitued by Master Arach

Ever wonder why other people aren't as clear as you? Ever have a fight where afterwards you realize it was all just a great big mistake. Do you sometimes struggle to be understood or even just heard?

Communication is far more complex than just talking about things. Understanding how you hear and react to your partner and how they hear and react to you, takes time and effort. Learn a variety of proven listening and discussion skills that can help improve the clarity of your communication with your partner(s). Few things can affect the depth and intensity of any relationship dynamic as profoundly as improving the quality of communication.

They Call Him "Dr. Love"
Andrew Love

Fast-paced and filled with off-kilter and irreverent humor, Mr. Andrew Love plays the role of “Dr. Love” as he takes you through his own unique version of medical school. Forget the traditional ten years of medical school, the Hippocratic oath and legitimate diagnoses and follow along as he throws bedside manner to the wayside. Observe as Dr. Love provides treatment that is sure to keep patients coming back again and again.

As a Student attending St. Love’s Medical School, you’ll learn how to properly prepare a consent form, how to convincingly speak “medicalese” and all of the most important things a doctor needs to know when starting a practice. Come prepared with an open mind and a sense of humor and you will have access to all the information you need in order to be seeing your own patients in no time.

Wax Play: Agony and Ecstasy
Leonora Ma'am

Screams of pleasure and pain from dripping hot wax…

Sighs of ecstasy from being encased in wax mummification…

Leonora Ma’am inflicts these erotic sensory delights on willing
victims who will writhe in “Agony and Ecstasy”.


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